Star Wars fan calls out for help to build life-size AT-AT

by Shalu Pillai

US is about to join its peeps in the global giant robot race with a life-sized AT-AT walker. Mike Koehler might have no project funding or construction experience but believes this life-sized AT-AT walker will be a reality. Koehler is calling upon the nerds of America to harness their “brain power, manufacturing prowess, organizational skills and geek-fueled eye for detail” to create this life-sized replica of the AT-AT walkers from The Empire Strikes Back. Koehler’s vision goes beyond the simple statues we see in Asia, though – he wants his AT-AT to be fully functional. According to the AT-AT for America blog, funding site Kickstarter will be open for donations soon enough. We don’t know what their target is, but they are unlikely to be inexpensive.

Here’s wishing the best to Koehler and his life-sized dreams.
[The Escapist]

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