Star Wars Force FX Yoda Lightsaber is as authentic as it gets

by Gareth Mankoo

You’ve always wanted a Lightsaber that at least looks and sounds like the real deal. It’s a pity that a number of bootleg versions available do not match up to what George Lucas created on-screen. Which is why, we’re happy to learn about the officially licensed LucasFilm Star Wars Force FX Yoda Lightsaber. It comes with the exact light and sound effects that are used in the movies, making your collection of memorabilia a tad more authentic. The sound-effects are motion controlled and feature the power-up, hum, clash and power-down sounds from the movies. How cool is that! The metal hilt kills any pretense in the design, making you feel like a real Jedi warrior.

Star Wars Force FX Yoda Lightsaber 2
Other features of the Star Wars Force FX Yoda Lightsaber include a polycarbonate blade that is fixed to the hilt, a custom-designed display stand and a blade that glows with furore. You may have waited long enough for this so the $120 price tag from ThinkGeek wouldn’t pinch much. Buy it you must!

[Available at – Thinkgeek]

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