Stanford University develops way how future computers could be super thin using Paper supercapacitors

by Shayne Rana

Are you sick of those bulky netbooks or laptops and oversized computer rigs? Well if you are, the future says things are going to be better and better looking. I’m not talking about Hollywood feeding us futuristic bit of information but the very reknowned Stanford University who very recently found a way to have make paper thin supercapacitors, to store energy. Not to sound like Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory but they found a way to have single walled carbon nanotubes (SWNTs) printed on paper treated with polyvinylidene fluoride so they could act as supercapacitors. The deal is that even after 2,500 cycles these nanotubes would only loose a very small amount of charge and would be quite stable. They University hasn’t quite made it known when we’d actually see this in real-time application that cold be put into mass production, but I say it’s a start.

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