Stan ‘The Man’ Lee available in his very own 1:6 scale, limited edition, action figure for $250

by Shayne Rana

At long last, it’s finally a reality, Stan ‘The man’ Lee, the creator and biggest name on the planet for comic book fans, geeks and alike, has had his majestic impression cast in PVC with his very own 1:6 scale action figure! The excitement is electrifying!

stan-lee-2The figure will be available from Das Toys and will be made available on Big Bad Toy Store. Aside from it being quite well crafted it will have quite a bit of articulation as well and will also ship with two head sculpts – one depicting Lee as is his now, all charming and smiley with his signature mustache and another showing off the intrepid X-men creator as he was back in the day. A stand, two pairs of his signature shades, and three sets of hands (including fingers rocking out) are also part of the packaging.

stan-lee-4It’s a limited edition figure naturally, so you might want to get started ordering, if it’s not too late. Each piece retails for $250 and looks well worth that. The man behind most of Marvel’s heroes can now adorn your shelf and for fans of comicdom in general, those 1000 pieces are going to fly off the shelf just as fast as the Apple Watch disappears from the stores on launch day.

stan-lee-3And so as my fingers frantically type out these last few words, and I wish I had a spare set of hands to access the Big Bad Toy store site simultaneously to place my order, I leave you with this, to quote the main man himself… Excelsior!

[Available at Big-Bad-Toy-Store]