Stalkerbook Takes a Turn Towards the Creepy

by iona

We all enjoy secretly looking up exes and checking out what old school friends are up to on Facebook. Don’t pretend you don’t do it. Now the boys behind the social networking phenomenon are offering us a greater and more blatant opportunity to stalk those we know and may not even have met, but are ‘friends’ with, through a new ‘subscribe to’ function. As always, the feature is being tested with a small percentage of users. On subscribing to a ‘friend’ or page, you will receive notifications whenever they update their status or post new content – photos, videos or links. It’s a little bit creepy on a personal level – especially if your ex numbers amongst your ‘friends’, but there are benefits of receiving regular updates about your favorite band or actor.

Considering Facebook seems to be in permanent hot water over user privacy, I am dubious as to how they will get this latest feature approved. If it is, I will be one of the first to close my account.

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