Spy Cameras now enter tissue boxes

by Gareth Mankoo

Everyone knows a spy camera when they see one these days. Whether it’s the part of a pen or a Bluetooth Headset that you’re aiming around, the news of a new spy gizmo in town spreads fast. So what do you do? Upgrade to the next most impossible camouflage. That’s exactly what we have here, the Tissue Box Spy Camera. Unsuspecting victims confession their crimes always need some tissues to wipe away the drops of guilt from their eyes. That’s why you place this before them; have them mutter all their sins on the 4GB card at 25 fps, and a 6-hour viewing session after that is just enough to create the neighborhoods best scandal.

Just make sure that you do not run out of toilet roll, else the next worse thing to happen would be a good poopshow for the next few GB. Best part? Remote control, baby! ~$55.

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