Sprint Nexus S 4G may be available on April 6, courtesy Best Buy

by Gareth Mankoo

Sprint has its own way of getting things right. We hope that the Nexus S 4G is one of the more successful attempts in this regard. Best Buy has started taking orders for the device already, and I’m quite sure that they will be flooded with orders, since the phone is a notable flagship offering. What matters now is when the device will be available in its tangible form. It seems that for a brief while the status of the device on the Best Buy site told about its arrival on 6th April but that was soon changed to a more generic ‘coming soon’ line. We hope it was a good source of information for us to tap our expectancies on.

There’s also a fine glimmer of hope that states that the Sprint Nexus 4G will overcome all that you would need to fulfill the Nexus dream that you didn’t see fulfilled last time round.