Sprint goes green, starts certified pre-owned handset scheme for those who don’t mind seconds

by Shayne Rana

All companies are going green and trying real hard to make a little buck while doing it. America’s third largest carrier, Sprint is also aggressively demonstrating their ‘green-thumb’ with their all new scheme where they’re selling customers “certified pre-owned” handsets. What the company does is refurbish old handsets and offer them to new customers who are looking for a change and want something new at an affordable price. Think of it as ‘Honest Sprint’s Used Car sale’. But unlike the second hand car segment, there’s no bargaining here and you do get a bonafide 30-day return if there are any issues with your new… I mean used handset. Sprint states that all these pre-owned devices are – “thoroughly inspected, tested and, if necessary, remanufactured according to original equipment manufacturer new unit specifications”. They’ve got device like the Blackberry Tour that’s selling at $80 and the Samsung Reclaim and Sanyo 2700 at $50 a piece.

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