Sprint and Verizon offers CDMA iPhone 4S with unlocked micro-SIM slots for international usage

by Gavril Mankoo

Sprint and Verizon decided to bring an added peace of mind to globe-trotters who’re planning to hook up to the new iPhone 4S. The carriers will offer unlocked iPhone 4S phones, enabling users to use any international rate plan as per their preferences. Unlike AT&T that locks the micro-SIM slot making the phone workable only on AT&T networks, Sprint and Verizon’s services will work more pocket-friendly too. Using CDMA for domestic services and the micro-SIM slot for roaming, Sprint and Verizon don’t really need to worry about losing their customers to other carriers while using the phone in domestic limits. Also, Sprint has the unlocked 4S on offer with an unlimited data plan unlike Verizon who’ll unlock the phone after 60 days usage.


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