Spray-on Clothing in a Can That Won’t Dissolve in Rain

by iona

This sounds far too risque for my liking. Some of the UK’s top scientists have developed spray-on clothing in a can. The bods at Imperial College London developed the liquid clothing spray by mixing small fibers and polymers with a solvent that keeps the mixture in a liquid form while in the can, and allows it to form a cloth-like material when sprayed. The solvent evaporates instantly as the spray hits a solid surface and becomes a smooth clothing material. I would be worried about the effects of rain or extreme dancing upon the material, but Dr Manel Torres and Professor Paul Luckham claim the material will not only withstand liquids, but can actually be peeled off, washed and re-worn.

The spray isn’t yet available for retail, but may in future be used to make clothing garments, medical dressings or upholster furniture.
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