Sporty Supaheroe jacket ensure safe and stylish cycling

by ruchi

Lot of road mishaps happens at night so you got to take extra care especially if you are on a two-wheeler like a bicycle. Here is a Sporty Supaheroe Jacket which will ensure that you are visible enough and hard to miss on the streets. The best part about this is the jacket has just the right amount of LED work which doesn’t make it look tacky at all. The designers behind this are Wolfgang Langeder and Stretchable Circuits/Fraunhofer IZM.

This has 64 RGB-LED flexible displays that are strategically located in segments on the front, back and shoulder segments. The colors and illuminations patterns here will glow corresponding to the wearer’s body movement, thanks to the integrated acceleration sensor and a 3D gyroscope. Another hallmark feature here is the fact that it even comes with a visual link between your smartphone that is safely tucked away in the jacket pocket. Owing to this, the jacket will alert you about any incoming calls by means of a light pattern on the outside of the jacket. No word on pricing and availability yet but we’ll tell you if we hear something.