Special credit cards hide numbers, access multiple accounts

by Gareth Mankoo

You really need to use this if you are someone who’s got a wallet that’s bigger than your butt itself. The main reason often happens to be the innumerable credit cards and debit cards that you harbor. A new technology by Dynamics Inc. from Pennsylvania brings about a single credit card that, both, hides your account number and allows access to multiple cards, at the same time. Called Card 2.0, the technology can be used in various applications since it incorporates the world’s first fully card-programmable ‘Electronic Stripe’ in place of the conventional magnetic stripe. It’s a thin, flexible and durable device and can survive a single battery charge for three years.

The future will surely make our purses slimmer and our pockets a lot less bulky. How else would we fit into the futuristic shinny clothing that the movies of the future showed?