Special eye drops for smartphone users

by dhiram

According to Experian marketing an average American spends 58 minutes everyday on his smartphone. Of which only a quarter is devoted on talking the rest is spent staring at the screen texting, Gaming, Social Media, etc. The numbers for heavy users, especially the 15 – 25 year age group are way higher. Mobile / computer screens emit a distinct blue light which causes eye discomfort after continuous staring. Japanese company Santen has announced eye drops which are specially formulated with a high content of vitamin B12 and B6 which improve the focus adjustment of the eye and protect the cornea of damage from prolonged staring at a screen.

Currently the Santen PC eye drops are available in Japan only for 840 Yen ($ 8). Considering our addiction to smartphones it is something which the most of us need to use.

[Santen Pharma (Japanese)]

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