Space Invaders Alien Lamp can freak you out in numerous shades

by Gareth Mankoo

We’re all so stoked about this amazing lamp, totally themed around the pixelated Space Invaders franchise. What we’re also vary of is investing in any of this could lead to a near heart failure, should you have those middle-of-the-night piddle breaks. It glows and so ominously that you could well imagine the extra-terrestrial invader coming for your neck. The colors are many and the hues change gradually like a slow, pumping heart of a foreign entity. Or, you could connect it to any of those unnecessary power points in your lawn and scare away neighborhood kids (at the cost of attracting bugs). Four simple buttons do the trick, enabling you to switch easily between four different light modes. These lamps are officially licensed by Taito and pay fitting tribute to the 8-bit marvels that we the first to suffer pixel-firepower from early gamers.

As far as requirements go, these lamps require mains power. So ensure you have that in place. All said and done it’s a pretty good gift for someone who is not from the 80s or is strong-hearted. £25 ($40).


[Available at Firebox]

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