South Korean furniture company creates private cabin for kids and geeks

by Gareth Mankoo

Was the lack of space to concentrate and study your childhood pretext? Well, you can blame the grades on something else if this South Korean company manages to get their study cabins out to the world. A novel idea that brings a private study area that can be accommodated even in smaller apartments, you can conceal yourself behind a door and leverage the shelves to hold your books. In addition to the sound from outside not entering in, you can also keep the light from your nocturnal study sessions from disturbing others in the room. The idea behind the design of the cabins is similar to that seen in Internet cafes across Asia.

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The idea is novel for those with any hobby that requires working at night and in isolation. So if you plan to build something secretly or something that requires hours of non-stop work then go for the cabin. You can be rest assured that the kids and pets in your area will not intrude. Some of these cabins sell for as much as 2,350,000 South Korean Won, which is about $1,990.
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[ Via : Rocketnews24 ]