A Law in South Korea states that online shopping/purchases will only work if you use Internet Explorer

by Shayne Rana

South Korea is famous for a lot of things – Samsung, LG, coast-to-coast broadband, widespread 4G LTE networks and more. Essentially we’re talking about a rather advanced if not futuristic city that’s well connected in all ways possible. They’re even testing electric vehicles that are going to be charged via underground cables. But all of this and they’re restricted to online shopping via Internet Explorer only. I’m sure I’m not the only one perplexed by this. How can a country that’s so far advanced in communication have security issues with online shopping and IE be the only solution?

Of course they’re free to use other browsers, it’s not like their ISPs simply block them, but if you’re an online shopper using Chrome, Opera or Safari and try to purchase anything online a message to the effect of – Purchases can only be made through Internet Explorer – would show up.. Although Microsoft’s IE might not be the worst browser you’ll ever use, it certainly isn’t the best and even with new advances and updates, the general world public still seems to prefer other options or at least having them for all intents and purposes regarding web access. South Koreans are required by law (since the last 14 years) to bank and make all purchases using Microsoft’s IE browser. Apple users will have it the hardest since IE isn’t available for the software. This might be the only place on planet Earth where Microsoft’s browser is laughing themselves to the bank.

[Via – Washingtonpost]

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