SoundBot II compact speakers charge wirelessly

by Gareth Mankoo

The SoundBot II speaker is a truly wireless entertainment station. Made to operate completely on Bluetooth, the speaker will also evade the one aspect that led it to be tethered to the ground. It can effectively charge wirelessly. A senior exec of the group that manufactures the headset said, “How we charge speakers has always been the old school cable-to-port; but with wireless charging, the process is made more convenient than ever. You can just drop and charge, or pick up and go. This will make portable speakers even more ‘portable.'” The headset is universally compatible with Q1 chargers, which means that it is compatible with offerings from Nokia, Audi and even IKEA that support the technology.

SoundBot II has been launched on Kickstarter and aims to target music lovers worldwide, who have struggled with the tangle of cables and power issues. Super Early Bird orders can get this delivered to them at just USD 25.

[ Via : Prnewswire]

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