Sophisticated and minimalistic Hotblack keeps you updated with real-time football scores

by Gavril Mankoo

Have you been spending too much time lately looking at your chunky smart-device, trying to stay in touch with the FIFA World Cup scores? Well, stuff your smartphone away. We’ve just stumbled across a sexy and suave way to check football scores! Watchmaker and designer Richard Hoptroff created this timepiece called the Hotblack that is positioned as a “luxury watch that tells real-time football scores, along with the time of course”. The Hotblack was created keeping quality and simplicity in mind and has shown up on Kickstarter, looking for crowd-funding. The minimalistic watch features four dials, each with a different function.

The first dial tells the time, like a regular wristwatch. The sub-dials on the top, left, and bottom present the score of an ongoing match, the time remaining for the match to end and lots more! Sporting a band and casing constructed from 316L brushed stainless steel, this watch is tough and keeps corrosion at bay. The watch works by transmitting data through Bluetooth technology and is compatible with iOS and Android devices. “Hotblack features current technology but still possesses the qualities of a high-end mechanical timepiece. With an analogue face and over sixty moving parts inside, Hotblack is as ‘classic’ of a watch as can be,” says the creator of the watch, Richard Hoptroff.