Sony’s portable DVD drive – DRX-S70-W

by anoop

Just for your information, Sony already has a portable DVD drive which is the DRX-U70. The new drive which is the DRX-S70-W has a slim design and supports up to 8X DVD+R recording speeds, delivering a full 4.7 GB disc of video, data or music or even images on standard 8X DVD+R media. That is not all that the new drive can do. Insert an 8.5GB DVD+R and a 4.7GB DVD-RW, it will record 6X speeds, a DVD+RW at 8X speeds, DVD-RAM at 5X speed and CD-R/W at 24X speed. The drive also comes with Nero DVD/CD software and has USB 2.0 for a simple set up and maximum flexibility.