Sony’s Xperia Aquatech shows off waterproof phones in underwater showroom

by Gareth Mankoo

Submerged four meters underwater, Sony’s Xperia Aquatech brought gizmo shopping underwater. The value proposition, besides the experience of shopping post a dive, was the effective water resistance of their line of rugged phones. The store went live on December 4th and saw a number of visitors patronize it. Being in Dubai meant that there would be no dearth of people willing to take a bite of the world’s first technology sale to be held at that depth. Journalists from all over the tech world were invited to come and experience the novel delights of the store firsthand.

Located at The World Islands in Dubai, off the coast of the city, a number of journalists were picked up from Jumeirah Fishing Harbor and boated to the island. They were then guided by professional divers who first trained the journos in a pool. The underwater store was conceptualized and designed by creative agency FP7 Dubai. Quite an experience it must have been, albeit, each store visitor was allowed just 5 minutes.










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