Sony’s ultra-short throw mobile projector makes everything a display

by Gareth Mankoo

There’s not a surface that can be spared from being turned into a magical display surface, especially if you have the Sony LSPX-P1 ultra-short focus projector. This is a fantastic solution for those who require to view images or videos anywhere and at any time. The projector converts just about any surface, horizontal or vertical, into a viewing area. This means you do not have to worry about suspending bulky projectors around to view pictures that need incredibly smooth, vertical spaces to view them, that too, with the limitation of range. This cubic, futuristic projector uses a smaller focus lens and optical modules that offer a projection range between 22 to 80 inches. The 10-centimeter cube offers speakers and a battery that can juice it up for up to two hours.

The projector connects using Bluetooth, synchronizes via an app and also connects via a HDMI port to project images at the finest quality. You can now project your case notes on the floor or a brilliant digital clock on the wall.






[ Via : Designboom ]