Sony’s Huis Universal Remote Controller uses E-ink, promotes e-learning

by Gareth Mankoo

If your living room is dotted with remotes for every purpose you would much less like your smarthome solution than embrace it. Sony seems to empathize with this and has rolled out the Huis (pronounced ‘house’) remote controller that is universal in the truest sense. The controller leverages E-ink so as to create an adaptable face that adjusts and discovers new gadgets and learns how to handle them best. You can customize the interface of the remote, which is very clean as it goes with most E-ink surfaces. The customization function is supported on the remote or you can use a PC app for the same. You can also share the configurations you have set or download pre-set configurations online. You can expect the power in this one to last longer than if it would come with an LCD screen attached to it.

The Sony Huis Universal Remote Controller has been crowdfunded thanks to the company’s First Flight platform. There’s no word as to whether the remote will move out of Japan but for now it retails for 27,950 Yen, which is around $250.



[ Via : Sony ]

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