Sony’s Customizable Earphones “Just Ear” Arriving Soon

by Shruti Shree

Sony Engineering’s “Just Ear” booth, exhibited customizable earphones at the autumn headphone festival 2014 which was held on October 25th and 26th in Tokyo Nukano Sun Plaza. The custom made earphones will be the first in the series of a new brand called “Just Ear”. Matuso BanMasaro who is the brains behind the acoustic design of MDR-EX800ST headphones and high evaluation products such as MDR-EX1000, MDR-1R is responsible for the design these tailor made earphones.

sony-justear-2In order to make these made to fit custom earphones with custom sound specifications, Mr. Matuso took the “ear type” of a number of people. The earphone is made up of resin, has a clear shell which is visible. To make the earphone comfortably wearable for long periods of time, the portion of the earphone that touches the ear is made up of soft material to adapt to the change in the shape and the temperature of the ear. Mr. Matuso also said that not only the shape, but also the sound quality will also be customizable to the needs of the person. There will be three kinds of sound quality available: listening, monitor and club. The Base has a three case structure, the sound quality and the finish can be adjusted to match the available scenes. The customizable earphones will make a great acquisition for professional artists as well as for people who love to listen to good quality music, Mr. Matuso said. The product name and the price have not been announced yet. It will be up for grabs in fiscal year, 2014.





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