Sony Vaio VGN-T350 Notebook

by Dhiram Shah

Sony has announced their new Vaio laptop today, the VGN-T350, that comes with many different forms of wireless. The T350 will have the normal 802.11b/g WiFi, Bluetooth, and built in technology to connect to Cingular’s GPRS/EDGE high-speed data network. No longer will you have to hunt far and wide for a darn WiFi spot only to find out that they want your credit card for access, just dial up Cingular’s high-speed wireless wide area network (WWAN) with your new Vaio. As for the laptop’s specifications, it weighs in at 3.04 pounds and should last 9 hours on its battery if you aren’t watching DVD’s. The laptop comes with a double layer DVD+R/RW drive, 10.6-inch LCD screen, 1.2 Ghz processor at 400Mhz FSB, 512MB ram (333mhz), and a 60GB HDD.

The T350 should be available in June for a base price of $2,200 and is available in 3 colors; silver, burgundy, and blue. Service charge will apply when you want to take advantage for the WWAN form Cingular, but for now you can get it for $50 a month (2 year service plan) with a 30 day free trial. Or, you can sign up for their $80 unlimited plan and get 2 months of free service. Cingular Plans Detailed Specs on Vaio Site