Sony VAIO T13 Ultrabook, powerfully strong, sleek and sophisticated

by Gavril Mankoo

We’ve heard mutterings and mumbles of the Ultrabook since quite a while now and Sony decided to put an end to the wait, with the first Ultrabook emerging from the manufacturer’s stables christened the Sony VAIO T13.sporting a skinny and sleek ultra-light chassis made from aluminum and magnesium, this one comes with the Rapid Wake + Eco function that brings it to life instantly. Sporting a 13″ LED display, xLOUD and Clear Phase functions, an SSD or hybrid HDD/SSD and a battery life of up to 9 hours for the SSD models, this new breath-taking VAIO T13 comes with HDMI, VGA and RJ45 network ports along with a SD/MMC memory card slot and could hit store shelves by June this year.


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