Sony VAIO RM1N Ultimate HD Workstation

by Dhiram Shah

The Sony VAIO RM1N HD Workstation is a professional system that incorporates latest technology and a revolutionary split design. And since HD seems to be the norm these days for video, the system includes high performance Full HD editing capability and Blu-ray Disc for HD content export. The VAIO RM1N HD boasts of quad-core processing power, professional software pre-installed (Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 ) and a specialized Jog controller for speeding up editing. The system deserves the title of the Ultimate Workstation because it provides at least 20 hours HD editing time on the terabyte hard disk, plus the facility to record 50GB of high-definition video on a single Blu-ray Disc. The system unit is split into two parts, where the Main Unit houses the motherboard and major components and the Access Unit houses the optical drives, hard disk and multi-format card reader. This design gives the user a lot of flexibility in the way they place the system to suit their needs.

The Sony VAIO RM1N HD Workstation is loaded WinDVD BD For VAIO that lets you watch HD-format movies, and full HDCP support lets you play the latest HD Hollywood releases. Upgrading the system is not an issue as it has room for an additional four SATA hard disks, and there are three open PCI-Express slots capable of taking full-length cards. This announcement has been made for the UK only. The estimated retail price incl VAT is £ 2,500 (approx. $5000) in the United Kingdom.
RM1N Desktop specs include-
– CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 with 8192KB shared L2 cache
– Chipset: Intel P965 Express Chipset
– HDD: 1TB (2 x 500GB 7200rpm) Serial ATA RAID 0 array
-Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GTS with 527MB total available graphics memory
– Optical: DVD+-RW/+-R DL/RAM and Blu-ray Disc (50GB)
– Screen: Not included
– Special features: Split design, Jog controller (supports Adobe Premiere Pro)
– LAN: 10Base-T/100Base-TX/1000Base-T
– Software includes: Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0, WinDVD BD for VAIO, Click to DVD BD
– Operating system: Windows Vista Business

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