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Sony UX50 UMPC gets Flash memory and TV tuner

by Dhiram Shah

Sony has announced an updated to the UX50 which replaces the 20/30 GB hard drive with 16 GB of Flash memory as we had reported earlier. With the Flash memory applications start up 3 to 6 time faster, Outlook takes 1.5 seconds to start compared to 9 seconds. Battery life is also increased to 4 hours from 3 hours 30 minutes. Other specifications like Core Solo U1300 (1.06-GHz) / U1400 (1.2-GHz) processor, 4.5″ WSVGA touch screen, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi etc remain the same. Also included is the optional Vaio Mobile TV attachment which allows you to view TV programming in a small window (240 x 135) or full screen (1024 x 600), recording TV programs is also possible.

The Sony Vaio UX50 UMPC with 16GB Flash memory will be available from July 13th for 209,800 Yen ($ 1800) in Japan.
Mobile TV attachment

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  1. jackie

    this looks like a kool phone but how much is it???


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