Sony seizes production of MiniDisc Walkman devices

by Gavril Mankoo

And as the world welcomes new technological advances just about every day now, those good old gizmos that left us day dreaming years ago are slowly vanishing from the face of the earth. It’s now time to bid farewell to Sony’s MiniDisc Walkman devices, portable media players that took the world by storm in their day, before the dawn of the mp3-player. After having lived a life of ups and downs when it comes to popularity, Sony’s 20-year-old brainchild first introduced at CES 1991 will now seize production. Sony went ahead to sell about 22 million MiniDisc devices, with many more sold by companies like Sharp, Kenwood and Panasonic who also licensed the technology in its day.

Well, we pay our last respects to the good old MiniDisc devices and we’re pretty sure the few left dotting the globe will soon land up in technology museums!