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Sony Rolly SEP-10BT Sound Entertainment Player

by Dhiram Shah

Aptly called Rolly thanks to the design, the SEP-10BT Sound Entertainment Player from Sony just got officially introduced to the world. It’s probably a hybrid dance-bot combined with an entertainment system beaming out music for your listening pleasure. Essentially the Rolly is a MP3 player with an integrated speaker that can move, the user interacts with it by moving the two wheels either directly, or by rolling the Rolly. It supports MP3, ATRAC, or AAC tunes via either Bluetooth with A2DP / AVRCP or its 1GB of internal memory. Rolly not only dances to music but can also choreograph it, allowing you to share your Rolly moves with friends via the net. On a full charge it plays five hours straight music, four hours of dance and music, or three and a half hours dancing, music, and Bluetooth use together.
(Video and images after the jump)

The above video shows volume adjustment, volume is increased by moving the unit clockwise and decreased by turning counterclockwise.
Sony’s Rolly will dance in Japan September 29th onwards and will cost ¥40,000 , that’s about $350 US.
The specs include:
– 1GB internal memory Connect/Charge via USB 2.0
– Bluetooth 2.0 (to receive music)
– Editable Motion (software is provided)
– Battery 3.7V 1560 mAh (5:00 of music playback, 4:30 with streaming Bluetooth music, 4:00 of music and motion, 3:30 Bluetooth streaming and motion)
– Music format: MP3, ATRAC, AAC up to 300+ kbps
– 104×65×65mm, 300g



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  1. Video: Sony Introduces the Rolly

    Wow, leave it up to the Japanese to invent something as uneccessary but cool like the Rolly. I’d like one but I’m not sure if I have any large flat surfaces that I could use it on.From Newlaunches: Essentially the Rolly is a MP3 player with an integrated


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