Sony RM-KZ1 Kids’ Remote May Spur Lifetime Techno Addiction

by iona

Sony may claim that a concern for your expensive, state-of-the-art universal remote control is what prompted their latest design of a kid’s remote, but I am highly dubious. The RM-KZ1 universal remote control is designed to specifically target small children. It is brightly colored, with fun, multicolored numeric buttons and an easy-to-hold shape. It is also splash-proof, with a locked battery compartment to minimize breakability and a volume limiting feature, so your sprog doesn’t inadvertently deafen you. While Sony may attest that this gadget will keep your child occupied while avoiding damage to your more expensive remote control, I cant help feeling that this design is simply a ploy to get your kids watching TV, interested in technology and secure future generations of Sony customers, from a very young age.

The RM-KZ1 is available from Target stores for around $18.

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