Sony Reader PRS500 is here

by Dhiram Shah

Finally the much-delayed Sony Reader PRS500 is here. The handheld Reader is meant to stand in for that stack of books you tug along. Storing up to 80 complete books on the surprisingly low 64 MB of internal memory (you can increase it with Memory Stick or SD media), the 9-ounce Reader displays them page by page, including the cover, copyright, dedication, on its 6-inch screen. The display uses E Ink technology, that is why its purely black and white, this has the advantage of consuming no power unless the page is refreshed (i.e. you turn the page). Battery life is rated for about 7,500 page turns, and you can view RTF and PDF documents on it as well. Books for the Reader are for sale on Sony’s online store and maybe cheaper by 20% or 30% at Encoded with copy-protecting DRM, the download can be copied to six devices.

Will reading Books go out of style? I doubt that very much, because noting can match up to curling up with your book and a mug of cocoa on a chilly winter day!