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Sony PSP in Red, Blue and Yellow

by Dhiram Shah

The Pink PSP was unveiled a few weeks back and now at the Tokyo Game Show Sony showcased a few design concepts of the PSP. The PSP was shown in a variety of bright colors like Metallic Red, Blue and Yellow along with the military camouflage design (which sucks). Motorola started the multi color concept for RAZR line of phones followed by Nintendo for DS Lite and the multi colored products were hugely successful. So dont be surprised if these concepts become a reality.
(One more pic after the jump)


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  1. PSP Gets an Ugly Makeover, Still Doesn’t Get a Date from DS Lite

    That DS Lite is one stubborn bitch. Struttin’ her white stuff all around. No matter what color makeover I get, the DS Lite still shoots me down. You whore, DS Lite. I’m putting on camo for you, camo for sakes,…


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