SONY NW-E400 – Flash MP3 Player

by Dhiram Shah

Sony Korea has released a new model, NW-E400 series, flash memory MP3P. The most impressive feature is it’s battery performance it can play for 3 hours with a 3 minute charge by connecting to USB port. It can play for 50 hours on a full charge of 2 hours. It will be available in the following colors black, blue, red, and green. It comes in three capacities, NW-E403(256 MB), NW-E405(512 MB), NW-E407(1 GB). Suggesting price is 159,000(KRW) (US $ 155) for NW-E403(256M),199,000(KRW)(US $ 185) for NW-E405(512M), 259,000(KRW) (US$ 250) for NW-E407(1G).
Via Aving

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