Sony Network Walkman NWD-B100

by Dhiram Shah

Announcing the Network Walkman NWD-B100 from Sony. This desirable piece of action has an easy to use ‘drag and drop’ feature to transfer your songs directly via the USB. It automatically copies music files from PC with built in ‘Auto Transfer’ software. The 3-line color LCD display helps search songs by File/Folder or Song/Album/Artist. It also supports voice recording with the built-in microphone. It has a 6-mode equalizer and NWD-B103F/B105F versions can record radio broadcasts from the on-board FM tuner so you can enjoy your favorite shows whenever you want. Weighing just 30g, the Walkman supports MP3 and WMA file.

With 1GB storage capacity, the NWD-B103/B103F can store up to 660 songs and the 2GB NWD-B105/105F can store around 999 songs. A full charge gives you 12 hours of battery life. The series will be available in three cool colors – black, white and violet. The Walkman NWD-B100 Series will be available throughout Europe from August 2007 and will be available to pre order at Sony Style Europe. No news on pricing or US release.

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