Sony “Mouse Talk” fusion of Mouse and VoIP Phone

by Dhiram Shah

Sony Japan has announced the “Mouse Talk”, it looks like a normal Optical mouse with a scoll wheel. However the mouse open up like a folder styled cell phone shaping up like a telephone. Then you can use the mouse as a normal VoIP phone, the scroll wheel doubles as a volume controller. When you receive a phone call a sound is played on the computer and a led blinks on the mouse. It also has echo cancellation function which increases the call quality. After the call fold the phone again and you get a mouse to continue with your work. The mouse has 800 dpi resolution connects via USB / USB 2.0 and is compatible with Windows 2000 / XP only.

It measures 45.5mm x height 23.9mm x depth 89.2mm (When
closed) and weighs 67 grams. The mouse talk will be available in Japan from
Feb 18th for 8000 Yen ($ 65) in five colors White, Red, Green, Black and
Via – Sony Japan Press Release

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