Sony launches new XB series headphones – MDR –XB700/500/300

by anoop

The new XB Series headphones from Sony, MDR-XB700/500/300 are designed to produce powerful bass that can be really felt. The headphones come with an extra-large 50mm dome-type driver that effortlessly produces ultra-low frequencies. Optimized bass performance is balanced by clear reproduction of high-and mid frequencies for rich and satisfying sound. Thanks to the innovative ‘direct vibe’ acoustic design, seismic bass is delivered with minimum sound spillage

The innovative vertical driver orientation, brushed aluminum accents and durable new flat-section cord exclusive to the MDR-XB40EX only adds to the final touches to this distinctive, highly desirable range of headphone. The MDR-XB series of headphones are expected to be available from March 2009.