Sony launches a digital dictation device with built-in MP3

by yogesh

The ICDUX70 and ICDUX80 from Sony are not only digital dictation device but also boast of built-in MP3 playback and USB connectivity. These Voice Recorders are suitable for a variety of dictation needs. The UX70 and UX80 provide up to 2GB of storage capacity, complete with a high-speed USB connection for data transfer and direct battery charge. The UX70 can record up to 290 hours and the UX80 can record up to 581 hours in long play (LP) mode. The digital pitch control function allows playback of recordings to be heard at an increased or slower speed without distortion for transcribing or editing requirements. Both the devices offer MP3 stereo recording (via the built-in mic) and playback so users can record and listen to music on the move. The UX80 can store over 500 songs and you can even adjust the sound tone to Rock, Pop or Jazz. High-speed USB connectivity allows for easy ‘Drag and drop’ file transfer of voice recordings and MP3 files plus doubles-up the devices as an USB storage device.

Dragon Naturally Speaking software gives the new Sony Voice Recorders 5 stars rating. The voice recorders feature direct audio encoding from CD/MD players. The ICDUX70 is available in black and pink, the ICDUX80 is available in black and silver; they are available in 1GB or 2GB capacity. Both models are available from this month.

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