Sony introduces two portable DVD players

by Gareth Mankoo

Sony are giving it to us on a silver platter and we’re totally, not game to give it up. All the good things that the portable DVP-FX970 and DVP-FX750 promise will also have enhanced support for all kinds of DVDs and CDs as well as MP3s, JPEG file formats and more. The DVP-FX970 is a 9-inch screen device while the DVP-FX750 sports a 7-inch display. Both models come with a 12-bit 108Mhz Video D/A converter and 24-bit 98MHz Audio D/A converter. The DVP-FX970 gets one better with a cool swivel screen.

Both, the DVP-FX970 and the DVP-FX750 will be available by Sony in Japan for 30,000 Yen ($373) and 20,000 Yen ($249) respectively. The estimated month of arrival is July.