Sony IC recorder with MP3 playback

by Dhiram Shah

The new Sony IC recorder ‘ICD-U70 / ICD-U60’ is a 3 in 1 unit. You can use it as mass data storage drive, store and playback MP3 files and as a voice recorder. For voice recording you have 3 modes -LP/SP/HQ. The recorder has a built in monaural microphone with two sensitive settings- High/Low and 10mm speaker with 35mW output. The main difference between ICD-U70 and ICD-U60 is memory capacity only, all other functions same. The recorder can be directly plugged to a USB port of a PC. Model ICD-U70 comes with 1GB memory and ICD-U60 with 512MB memory. ICD-U70 is available in silver tone while ICD-U60 in 2 colors blue and white.

Sony ICD-U70 (1 GB) costs approximately 20,000 Yen ($ 150) while ICD-U60 (512 MB) approximately 15,000 Yen ($ 120).
Via – Sony Japan


  1. Maria Cecilia

    I had been waiting for this unit to arrive at Davao City. When I first saw it, I readily grabbed a piece of it. It helps me a lot in my work as a Stenographer and secretary.

  2. cecille

    I wonder why the unit I bought is so expensive. It’s more P12,000.000

  3. marc

    only two comments about:
    It uses SONY DVF format, diferent from other DVF recorder’s format, so you need a sony plugin for listen your records on a PC, and this is only for windows media player (not linux, mac etc…). I apreciate a lower quality with this pluggin that the recorder reproduces. Moreover sony not provides a conversor to other formats for this particular type of DVF format.
    Second, it has no external micro conector,this might be a disadvantage if you want to get better quality recordings.


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