Sony HMZ-T1 head mounted OLED display produces 750 inch virtual screen

by Dhiram Shah

Virtual headsets were introduced way back in the 90’s and my first encounter with the technology was with the Nintendo Virtual Boy. It was the first video game console which could display 3D graphics out of the box. Sadly it never took off mainly because of the monochrome display and Nintendo stopped selling after a year. Sony is aiming to revive the technology with a head mounted 3D OLED display which the company showcased early this year at CES, the HMZ-T1 or the personal 3D viewer as it is called projects a 3D / 2D virtual screen equivalent to a 750 inch screen.
. two 0.7-inch OLED panels with HD resolution (1,280×720)
. 45-degree horizontal viewing angle / “virtual viewing” distance of 20m for the aforementioned 750-inch virtual screen
. 5.1 surround sound coming from speakers integrated into the HMD (Sony’s Virtualphones)
. processor unit with two HDMI interfaces (input and output) for connecting TVs, consoles or Blu-ray players
.size: 180×168×36mm, weight: 420g

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The Sony Head Mount Display Person 3D Viewer HMZ-T1 will go on sale November 11 for 68000 Yen ($ 780).

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