Sony Ericsson’s Android phone, XPERIA X3 plus images and specs

by Gareth Mankoo

What more could I ask for on a rugged day at work. Just as we’re catching up with the lost breath we had to suffer, seeing the X2, SE’s next best thing comes hurling our way. With a stunning 4-inch touch screen (800×400 pixels), 8 megapixel shooter and 3G, the XPERIA X3 is in our midst before we could even thing of what it could be like. To add to this, there’s 8x digital zoom, face detection, image stabilization, LED flash and a smile shutter, all packed in the camera. The phone will provide with the cool user interface called Rachel. It will also support Microsoft Exchange Server, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, miniUSB, 3.5 mm jack and aGPS. Everything’s bundled in this one.

There is a slight, painful chance that this may not be true, but if we are to trust Expansys for details of the phone then there’s much to fall back on. Let’s wait for the usual coming-out-of-the-dark by the company themselves.

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