Sony Ericsson W960 Walkman Phone

by Dhiram Shah

Supporting up to 700 albums that’s about 8000 songs on the 8GB memory makes the W960 Walkman Phone my current wishlist leader. It that’s not enough to make you drool, check this out. It has a 2.6″ touch-sensitive display that is great for Web browsing. Browse using your fingers or navigate with the stylus. Then again it can transfer up to 1GB of data, including music tracks, from your PC to the phone in less than three minutes flat! It comes with these two super hip stylish headsets and one of tem is the new Stereo Bluetooth Headset HBH-DS220. It has music listening time of up to 27 hours. The phone supports video playback at 30 frames per second, which is the same as TV. You can hook up to the web using the 3G network or a WiFi access point. The 3.2-megapixel camera with Auto focus gets you trigger-happy. The W960 uses Media Manager PRO, a PC programme for optimizing music, photos and videos to be used on your phone. It also incorporates TrackID music recognition software. Always wanted to know who sang the song playing now? Record a clip and the TrackID will help you figure it out.

The W960 Walkman phone is really for the music addicts, which is why the phone comes with a stereo portable handsfree and a Stereo Bluetooth headset. The new Street-style Portable Handsfree HPM-83 adds urban style to the W960. The Bluetooth Music Receiver MBR-100 plugs into your home stereo and lets you stream tracks directly from the phone to your stereo’s speakers. The Sony Ericsson W960 Walkman phone is UMTS 2100-GSM/GPRS 900/1800/1900. It will come in Vinyl Black from Q4 2007.


  1. scott

    when is the sony ericsson w960 realesed in the uk and whats the price tag?

  2. fred

    dopest fone out there,,,price in africa pls

  3. Denis

    am interested in buying this phone but how much does it cost. it has nice features and i cant wait to up grade from my k600i phone.

  4. lestat

    please email me the price so I can buy this once it is released. please?

  5. Sam_84

    I fell in love with the Se walkman range, the day i 1st used the w810i. Now i’m using the w850i, i Luv it to bits. Now i’m itching to get my hand on the w960, its features and design are just incredibly out of this world. So can you please let me know how much it is. I really want this phone. SonyEricsson 4 ever!!! Simply the best.


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