Sony Ericsson W610 Walkman phone

by Dhiram Shah

The latest Walkman phone by Sony Ericsson adds some more flavor to the collection of the W series. This one comes with EDGE support over a GSM network. Do I see a smile spread on North American faces? At least some respite for the envious American eyes that coveted the W880s release in Europe. However, this one does lack 3G but provides with feeds from RDS FM Radio. You can cherish the delights of A2DP stereo Bluetooth audio in this one. The playback time for music spans up to a whopping 25 hours and the talk time last 7 hours, I marvel at the battery in this one. It comes with an inbuilt 512MB memory stick. Other features include a 2.0 megapixel camera and a LED to show who’s been clicked in the darkness, an in-flight mode, a dashing 1.9inch TFT display

The Sony Ericsson W610 will be made available in Q2. Soon the price shall hit our ears too. Patience is all we can use till then.

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