Sony Ericsson P1i – Review

by Dhiram Shah

The Sony Ericsson P1i looks to be very promising phone and will give the Nokia E90 communicator a run for its money. Here we have two videos which give a much deeper insight into the phone than the press pics.
(2nd video after the jump)



  1. Saif

    The P1i does look a very promising phone,but it has not added anything new to its arsenal.
    As I have p990i,i do not think that i have to upgrade to its new sucessor p1i.
    The only things sonyericsson has added here is a 3.2 mp camera,thinner and lighter body,and a more polished software.They have also removed the removable front flip-closed style keypad which was previously in p990i.
    I do not have any problem with p990i except that its just a little bit heavy (i have removed the front panel to make it light),and the speakers are not loud at all.And it has many software glitches but the are very minor.
    I do not know when this will come out but it will be above 500 u.s dollars for sure,like p990i.
    I will keep the p990i for another year and wait for the p1i’s price to reduce,so i can perchase it as it looks seems beeter overall than p990i.

  2. Manu

    I bought this phone just 4 days back. I have really loved the performance. I was scared about software crashes. There was no such problem. Key board, touch screen and predictive text(with many options listed for choosing) are all great. This one of the best mobile phone I have owned. I also see its getting very popular. One of my customer has it. Also two other guys bought it when I was buying. Morever the price is attractive condidering all the features it has

  3. r.mus

    No Good phone,
    When reception low 1 or 2 stripes then calls do not get trough.
    Offline software not stable
    not compatible with phones on older online software you can not run the old and the new sw suit at the same time on your mobile…..
    SE put this phone on the market but did not test thing propery.
    Tested two of them both same issues.

  4. Pao

    I have been a Nokia Loyal customer. Bought and tried whatever is new in the market. Changed phones 18 time in the last 2 years. But now, i own a p1i, and i think its the best i’ve ever gotten. Previously, i have owed 2 xda pocket pc – phones, and i still think S.E. p1i is a better buy

  5. Qaiser

    From K810i I jumped to P1i,well i got some additional features but the camera of K810i is much better than P1i,any body have some info to improve the camera please let me know.


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