Sony Ericsson MW600 Wireless Stereo headset with FM radio

by yogesh

Sony Ericsson announced today the new Wireless Stereo Headset with FM Radio – MW600. Featuring advanced Bluetooth technology and a built-in FM radio, MW600 lets you stream music to your headset in high fidelity through sound-enhancing ear-buds. With a crystal clear OLED display, easy access controls and RDS radio station information; you don’t even need to take your phone with you to tune in to your favourite radio station.

Sony Ericsson Wireless Stereo Headset with FM Radio – MW600has a 3.5 mm plug built in so that you can swap the headphones to match how you listen to music in your phone. The Stereo Headset measures 17.5 x 15.0 x 62.0 mm and weigh 13.0 g.