Sony develops smallest LED projector

by Dhiram Shah

Using RGB light emitting diodes (LEDs) as light sources Sony has developed the world’s smallest LED projector. Measuring just 410cc it is equivalent to that of two business cards and shorter than a standard ball pen. Two major innovations were made to make the projector smaller. First, three transmissive LCDs serving as display devices and a prism for synthesizing light beams emitted from the three devices are directly coupled together to be a unitary component. Another innovation is that the distance between the LEDs and the display devices are reduced. The projector uses 0.62 inch 800 x 600 transmissive LCDs as display devices. A total of 14 LEDs are used, including four red, four blue and six green diodes. The brightness of the LED reaches 50 lm. The power consumptions required for the LED unit and the entire projector are 20 and 30 W, respectively. A wide color gamut of 120% NTSC can be achieved.

Sony has developed its proprietary screen that can reduce the reflection of external light. When an image is projected onto the new screen to the size of a 20 inch model in the external light with an illuminance of 200 lx, the screen can achieve a white luminance of 292 cd/m2, whereas the most pervasive type of screen can get 58 cd/m2.
Pricing and availability of this little wonder is not known yet.
Via – Sony Japan


  1. Stefan

    Imagine this product within or witha a built in music-video-player / movie-player device ( such as a blue-ray / next generation DVD / -player ) Maybe with a built in powesource, one day it will become portable for handsfree use ( view documents, stored on a cellphone etc. ( a cellphone with a built in microprojection device ) , on a blank paper in front of yourself. Whatever… Funny stuff!

  2. clark stowe

    Why can’t it be smaller?

  3. lolo

    I’d like one of this, i think it will be smaler soon.
    I’m wondering, how much will this cost?
    could it be cheaper then the nowadays projectors?I hope yes:)
    Oh, and i think it could be a portable 3d projector of this:) without blank papers:P That will be good, or maybe integrated in a watch, that is a pda and cellphone too.Maybe it could have a fridge in it too:D

  4. sudip sanyal

    i am interested.please let me know the price of one sony smallest led projector.i am from india.

  5. Bill Harris

    Does it only project or can you also load your presentation in it? I did not see a laptop. Please provide pricing as soon as it’s available. Thanks.

  6. GS BAWA

    It is great product but no review have been seen. Cost etc be given due publicity. Users are waiting for a reliable small projector.
    I hope this meets the requirement.

  7. Ricky Valdez

    Is it already available in the market?how much?can i find it here in Saudi Arabia,jeddah?thanks

  8. nethravathi Tharakeshwarappa

    I am waiting to buy this smallest projector. When it will be available in the market.

  9. Eddie

    we have a design also powered by LED. And going to have a projector even smaller than Sony projector. We are not Sony, so the price/performance is aggressive

  10. jason killgo

    if you think this is small check out the picop by microvision… think sugar cube. skip the leds and throw in some lasers.

  11. Brian

    Why not intergrate it into a watch with intergrated computer, mic and speakers. Control the computer with your voice and even add on the new bigpond wireless internet.
    Just the click of the button on ur watch and speak a couple of words and ur surfing the net in the middle of town with no leads, just the watch.
    Email me if you are thinkin of puttin somethin simmular together.

  12. Marc

    How can i get this product and what is the price? I live in Bangalore, INDIA. I really like this.


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