Sony 3mm thick 11 inch OLED display hitting stores this year itself

by Dhiram Shah

Just when LCD’s became affordable Sony is out with super slim OLED displays to drain our wallets. OLED displays are thinner, brighter and consume less power than their LCD counterparts. At the Display 2007 Expo in Japan Sony showed off two Organic EL models, 27 inch full HD (1,920×1,080) and a 11 inch WVGA model (1024 x 600). The design can be modified extensively from adding Digital TV tuners to change changing the image processing engine. Sony modified a 11 inch model which had HDMI input and was powered by AC adapter. The 11 inch model is dangerously thin at just 3mm and just when you thought these damn prototypes take ages to hit markets, Sony has just confirmed that the 11 inch model will be available later this year.
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Pricing is not known yet but expect to pay a bomb for this slim baby, but of course it will be launched in Japan first.


Source (Japanese)

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