Mysterious Sony Vaio laptop-tablet video leaked, possible thinnest hybrid yet could be on the way

by Shayne Rana

In a recent posting on the tech grapevine a mysterious Sony Vaio tablet/laptop hybrid made the rounds till the video showcasing a paper form of the device went to ‘Private’ on the YouTube channel. Although details of the design looked ‘sketchy’ it seemed like the video only showcased an ‘Origami’ type teaser for the possible work in progress or waiting to be unveiled device.

The only actual information about this hybrid is the folding style of the design which looked quite intriguing and one that could possibly give the likes of the IdeaPad Yoga 11S something to contend with. The Vaio Duo 13 made it out at IFA last year so we know that company is working on this class of design and product. It’s a matter of time before we see one and this could be it. As some have suggested, perhaps the paper style folding in the ‘leaked’ video is merely a hint at a super thin device and possibly we could just see the thinnest hybrid yet. Maybe IFA 2013 will clear our doubts.


[Via – Techradar]

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