Sony SRS XB3 and XB2 Bluetooth Speaker is waterproof for poolside reveling

by Gareth Mankoo

There isn’t long for the summer months to set in and we’re sure that you’re thinking of all the good times in the pool with some great beer and good music to go with it. That’s when you start planning for a music setup that can survive the revelry. Sony has announced two speakers that could fit the bill and be durable enough to make it to the next summer. The SRS XB3 and SRS XB2 speakers are both portable Bluetooth systems. Both of them pack incredible bass output and are verified IPX5 waterproof devices. The XB3 offers deep bass output at 60 Hz. The XB2 offers an Extra Bass button with an S-Master Digital Amplifier. Both speakers offer Bluetooth 3.0 + EDR support and can be paired via NFC as well. An inbuilt microphone makes calling possible as well. All this, coupled with 24-hour battery support make the speakers a must-have for summer homes.

sony_bluetooth_speaker (3)
Sony SRS XB3 is available in black, orange red and blue for 18,000 Yen ($154) while the Sony SRS XB2 is available in black, orange red, blue and khaki yellow for 13,000 Yen ($111).


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