Sony SRS-X11 portable Bluetooth Speakers releasing soon

by Shruti Shree

It is a well-known fact that when it comes to superior audio, Sony has the best to offer. Not only in quality, but also in various shapes and sizes. Sony is going to launch portable cube Bluetooth speakers SRS-X11 on 21stof February. These speakers are the successor model of spherical speakers “SRS-BTV5”. What’s sets these speakers apart from the other Bluetooth speakers is the new feature called “Speaker add” which enables you to join the two speakers with the push of a button to provide surround sound. Sony SRS-X11 has lithium ion batteries which once charged fully, can last up to 12 hours. The speakers are available in 5 chunky colors: red, black, white, pink, and blue. These speakers are cute, compact, and hip looking – all in one, just carry them anywhere and enjoy good quality music.

sony-srs-x11-2The dimensions of the speaker 61 × 61 × 61mm (width × depth × height), and its weight is about 215g. The estimated price for Sony SRS-X11 Bluetooth Speakers is 9,000 yens.



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